We formed The Ethics Lab out of a shared vision where we could use our international experience to enable organisations to lead change for the benefit of future generations. We believe there are enormous challenges facing the world that can only be tackled by channelling creativity, talent and energy to enable exponential change.


Our team embraces a diverse range of individual expertise and experience which we extend with specialists as required to assist our clients.

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Jorn Bettin
Neurodivergent Collaboration

Jorn Bettin has over 25 years of experience in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia, with a focus on transdisciplinary collaboration in neurodiverse teams, and on economic ecosystem design and niche construction.

Jorn is passionate about capturing the knowledge flow of leading domain experts to co-create human scale organisations and systems which are understandable by future generations of humans and software tools.

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Pete Rive
Media & Education

Pete has over 30 years experience and research in creative collaboration and innovation. He is a futurist who has consulted in education, film and TV industries, media, digital design, telecommunications, and government. He is also an accomplished producer of high quality film and TV productions.

Pete is passionate about liberating creativity in organisations and individuals, and enabling the free flow of knowledge to achieve transformational outcomes.

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Andrew Plimmer
Technology & FMCG

Andrew has led a number of high-technology companies at start-up, early-stage and corporate levels around the world. A renowned international speaker on technology disruption he specialises in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and advanced mobile technologies. Andrew is currently leading significant work in next-generation sustainable food systems.

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